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The repair is done, the rooms are clean and tidy, it smells of fresh wallpaper and paint. The furniture is in place, curtains and tulle are hung. A perfect picture after long and tiring days of repair work. But something is still missing, the room asks to add a little life, comfort and soulfulness. The decor is responsible for this in the design of the rooms. Funny baubles on the shelves, handmade pillows, tablecloths and panels - these and many other details bring warmth and comfort to the interior. Revive a cold interior with the help of improvised means is not so difficult. You just need to use the ideas of designers and learn the simplest decor techniques.

DIY round pebble watch

A pebble clock diversifies your home environment

5 ideas for using leftover wallpaper

For those who at least once pasted the walls with wallpaper, it is no secret that after the repair there remains a whole heap of scraps. They are no longer suitable for the full design of the room. But it is quite suitable for interior decoration. We offer ideas on how colorful pieces of paper can become valuable design material. With it, you can create original interiors.

Decor for magazine drawer

The old box will still serve if you paste over it with beautiful wallpaper

Idea number 1. We decorate furniture

An old chest of drawers, a bedside table, a table or an ordinary shelf will sparkle with new colors if you paste the front parts with pieces of wallpaper. Although the outside can not be limited. Original look boxes, pasted with wallpaper from the inside.

Decoration of furniture surfaces with paper wallpaper

You can take the same wallpaper for all glued surfaces or make a patchwork decor from different pieces

Tip. It is advisable to pre-sand the surface, paint and only then stick paper fragments. Top you can fix the result with varnish.

Decor open shelf with old wallpaper

A great example of wallpaper decor is pasting the back wall of an open shelf

Idea number 2. We create an exclusive tray

Effective presentation of the dish is half the success. Why not make a food tray a piece of design art? All the same trimmings of wallpaper will help in this. All that is needed is to paste over the bottom or side parts (if present) with paper decor and an unremarkable tray will be transformed before our eyes.

DIY tray from a suitcase and wallpaper

Taking the lid from the old suitcase and wallpaper, you can make a cute tray

Idea number 3. Zoning space

With the help of wallpaper it is easy to divide the room into functional parts. For example, in the living room you can organize a study. To do this, you do not need to erect walls. It is enough to paste part of the wall with contrasting wallpaper. Often, such inserts on the walls are decorated with moldings along the edge. It turns out a 2 in 1 room - comfortable and multifunctional.

Wallpaper panel on the living room wall

The width of the moldings needs to be selected based on the style of the room

Wallpapering a wall with a TV panel

For a classic interior, it is better to take embossed polyurethane moldings.

Idea number 4. Original panel

The remains of beautiful embossed wallpapers can be used to decorate the wall. It is easy to make a textured panel from them, for example, above the head of the bed in the bedroom.

Decorating pieces of wall-paper wall over the bed

A panel of pieces of wallpaper inserted into the frames of old wooden slats

Decorative pictures from unnecessary wallpapers

Wallpaper scrapbook art gallery

Idea number 5.Chair "from the past"

Give the old chair a new life and then from the "decrepit old man" he will turn into a vintage, almost collectible, piece of furniture. And the transformation is done simply - the chair is cleaned of old paint, painted again, then glued and varnished. By the way, after such metamorphoses, the stool can also be used not for its intended purpose. Now it will easily become a stylish part of the decor or will be used as a flower stand.

Examples of decorating old chairs

There can be a lot of options for decorating chairs, it all depends on your imagination and desire

Decorating highchairs with a world map

For pasting highchairs, you can use a geographical map

DIY room decor techniques

You can create interior decor with your own hands using various handmade techniques. Throughout the history of its existence, mankind has come up with a lot of them. They are all different and vary in complexity. For example, not everyone can handle woodcarving. But quilling is easily mastered even by schoolchildren. Nevertheless, the result is very effective.

Beautiful paper owls using quilling technique

Quilling is a time-consuming variety of crafts

Do-it-yourself quilling bike

A variety of compositions can be created from paper mosaics.

Many other techniques are used for room decor:

  • Art list of walls. If you have the ability to draw, then you can easily create a wall masterpiece using acrylic paints. For drawing, you can use ready-made stencils. They are easy to find on the Internet and print to a printer.
  • Embroidery and Richelieu technique. Embroidered pillows, napkins, paintings and panels are far from a complete list of decor items that can be created with the help of a smooth surface and a cross. Pillowcases embroidered using the Richelieu technique look luxurious. They are perfect for provence style designs.
  • Knitting and crocheting. Large knitting is a hit of recent years in interior decoration. It is used to create stylish handmade bedspreads, pillows, pouffe covers, armchairs and sofas. It is fashionable to wear everything in knitted cases - right down to vases and mugs.
  • Quilling. The technique is as simple as “twice two.” By twisting multi-colored strips of paper, the master receives intricate and graceful ornaments. They look incredibly elegant, although they require modest financial costs, a minimum of effort and time.
  • Batik. The fabric is hand-painted and therefore becomes unique. From the material made using the batik technique, you can sew anything you want - from the pillow to the lampshade.
  • Decoupage. A very simple way to decorate almost any surface. To do this, a clipping of colored paper (usually napkins) is glued to various interior items - walls, furniture, vases, caskets.
  • Wallow. It is easy to transform a children's room with figures made of wool using the felting technique. It can be soft toys or pendants from miniature animals or birds.
Decoupage old chest of drawers with their own hands

The decoupage technique can be used to decorate furniture, glass and tile

DIY bedroom decor

In the bedroom, decor should be moderate, not too catchy. His goal is to pacify and tune in a positive way. To decorate the bedroom, you can use ready-made design ideas or come up with your own.

Decoration of the wall over the head of the bed with paintings with butterflies

These simple frames can be cheaply bought or made from scraps of polyurethane skirting boards.

Here are just a few creative ideas that come to life without much difficulty:

  1. A panel of paintings above the head of the bed. Moreover, the paintings can be painted, embroidered or voluminous, made of polymer clay.
  2. Mirror or paintings with decorative frames. Unusually looks option when curly pasta, coffee beans or cereals are used for framing. They are glued around the perimeter and painted over with paint in spray cans with the effect of bronze, gold or silver.
  3. A large pillow made of fabric as the head of the bed. It is easy to sew on your own. She will immediately fulfill two roles - decor and soft textiles.It can be attached by shoelaces or loops to the shelf above the bed, and removed if necessary.
Decorating the head of the bed with a soft pillow

Beautiful headboard made with the soul of the mistress of this room

Bathroom Ideas

Perfect decor for the bathroom - on the marine theme. Ideas can be different, but the most important thing is to make sure that all materials are waterproof and resistant to the effects of water. Decoupage technique will be appropriate here, but the application must be fixed on top with acrylic varnish. A washbasin, walls, a box for linen - all this can become the basis for gluing paper clippings with motifs of island exoticism.

DIY bathroom interior decoration

Decoupage doors in the bathroom

And complement the "seascape" rug of flat round pebbles. To do this, apply universal glue to a regular rubber doormat and lay out the surface with coarse pebbles.

Pebble rug on bathroom floor

This pebble mat looks good and can be used to massage the feet

DIY kids room decor

The nursery is a real Klondike for creative children. There is no need to adhere to a strict framework. On the contrary, you need to create a light, fun and joyful atmosphere. This will help:

  • Balloons. The most budgetary and easiest way to “revive” the nursery. Multi-colored balls filled with gel will rise to the ceiling and will amuse the child. And if you stick pigtails, hats, bandanas to them, draw funny faces, then there will be no limit to the joy of the children.

    Balloons decorating the room for a newborn

    "Real" sky with balloons and clouds

  • Decorative butterflies. They are easy to make from anything - paper, fabric, vinyl records. Volumetric butterflies are especially popular now. Achieving a 3D effect is very simple - you just need to bend the wings of the workpiece in half. On the walls you can create whole compositions of butterflies, decorate a chandelier with them, make three-dimensional paintings from them.

    Decorative butterflies to decorate the home interior

    Volumetric picture with butterflies carved from old magazines.

  • Textile birds. If you are a “you” with a sewing machine, then with the help of patterns and pieces of fabric in a couple of hours you will sew a whole flock of birds. And you can place the figures on a decorative branch, attaching it to a wall or ceiling.

    Do-it-yourself textile birds from colorful shreds

    Such birds will fit into any interior and will please children and adults.

Mega-economical ideas for a luxury interior

Sometimes for a stylish decoration of the room does not require large investments. There are ideas for transforming the interior, which are embodied in a matter of minutes, and look luxurious:

  1. Tapes and ropes for curtains. They replace the rings that hold the textile. Choose ribbons of a contrasting shade and tie them with bows on the ledge. Ribbons can be replaced with coarse weaving ropes. Then you do not need to tie their bows. Just tie a regular knot, and release the ends - let them hang freely along the curtains. This idea looks more than nontrivial.
  2. Lampshade with figured perforation. Today, this design technique is in high demand. The essence of the idea is to knock out or cut out small prints on a paper lampshade. If you turn on the light bulb, beautiful glare will appear on the walls and ceiling, and the illuminated landscape will appear on the lampshade.

    Perforated lampshade for night light

    It is noteworthy that the shape of the glare will depend on the configuration of the cut holes

  3. Disguised router. The originality of the idea is that the router cannot be found. It is hidden in the cover of an old book. Incredibly brilliant, like everything that is simple.
  4. Candles instead of flames. A decorative fireplace is made of plaster details without any problems. And the fire in it can easily replace a set of candles. Beautiful and romantic!

    Do-it-yourself decorative fireplace with paraffin candles

    Decorative fireplace with real candles

  5. Ornament from adhesive tape. Have you ever thought that scotch tape can be an ideal material for creativity? But the Japanese have long been using it to "draw" patterns, panels and frames on the walls. True, a special decorative adhesive tape is used for this, which is often called a “washi tape”.This technique makes the rooms brighter and does not require large expenditures of time and money for execution.
Decor with colored tape

Using adhesive tape, you can diversify the monotonous surface of the walls

Using the simplest materials and techniques, you can transform the environment beyond recognition, make it exclusive, make a piece of your creativity.

DIY wall decoration with a world map

Decor in the form of a world map made of twine, carnations and postcards

The space in front of our eyes transforms, goes beyond the usual standards, stamps and templates. The interior has its own character, special flavor and style.

Video on how to make stylish decor from shreds of fabric

50 photo ideas for interior decoration

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