Do-it-yourself beautiful things for home and interior

Original DIY crafts are those details that will decorate and diversify even the most boring environment. To design a beautiful and useful thing, it is not necessary to buy special accessories: often all the necessary components are in front of your eyes. It can be antique boxes that have lost their attractive appearance, well-worn clothing and even empty bottles.

Beautiful crafts to decorate the interior of your home

Everyone wants their home to be special, unlike the apartments of friends and neighbors

Homemade craft ideas

To produce unique things for decorating your own home, you need a maximum of imagination, several hours of time and all kinds of materials: from paper and wood to beads and satin ribbons. Today there are a number of needlework techniques:

  1. Application is a form of creativity familiar to many from childhood, with which you can make a picture, decorative panel or frame for a photograph.
  2. Decoupage is the art of transferring a picture from a special napkin with a picture onto a solid object made of wood or metal.
  3. Beadwork is a technique for creating various objects, from jewelry to figurines, from beads and beads.
  4. A patchwork is a type of sewing in which each product consists of dozens of fabric flaps sewn in a strict order.
Door decoration with a homemade wreath

Beautiful wreath of scraps of fabric

These are only those types of needlework that are very popular, well-publicized. But there are other creative techniques that are less well known:

  1. Temari is an embroidery of balls that came to us from Japan.
  2. Quilling - a technique for creating paintings from twisted paper strips.
  3. Guilloche - burning a picture on the canvas.
  4. Mistaken - the creation of paintings from flat, dried flowers, leaves. At first glance, do-it-yourself crafts from dry plants resemble a herbarium.
  5. Lampwork - making bright, colorful beads, beads by melting glass with a flame of a gas burner.
The painting is mistaken for interior decoration

You won’t believe it, but this picture was made of dry leaves

To learn one of the types of traditional or modern needlework, it is not necessary to go to special courses or master classes. Today, all information on the techniques of constructing various items of home decor is available on the pages of sites, in thematic books and magazines.

Hanger for jewelry

Voluminous earrings, pendants on chains, bracelets - all this tends to get tangled and mixed to such an extent that they often spend more time on their searches than on makeup, hair and choosing a costume. In order for each decoration to find its place, you can make a special hanger or stand with your own hands.

The best options:

  1. Painted wooden twig.To create such a hanger, you need to take an ordinary branch, paint it with paint and install it in a vase.

    DIY hanger for jewelry from a branch

    The composition will look gorgeous if you cover the branches with paint for precious metal

  2. Clothes hanger. To transform ordinary coat hanger into a cozy place for storing jewelry, you need to attach special pins (pins) to them, which are sold in stores with bijouterie accessories.

    Storage of jewelry on a hanger from clothes

    Hanger for jewelry made of wooden coat hanger

  3. Handle stand for kitchen furniture. To create it, you will need a piece of polished board or thick plywood 20 * 30 cm in size, which must be covered with matter, placing a filler under the bottom (synthetic winterizer, cotton wool, synthetic fiber). When the base is ready, you need to attach various handles to it at your discretion - round, rectangular, bronze or silver. As the basis for the original stand, you can use a wooden cutting board, but in this case it does not need to be wrapped with a cloth, it is enough to paint the surface with acrylic paint.

    Vintage hanger for jewelry made of boards and old furniture handles

    The surface of the board can be artificially aged

Some needlewomen or owners of a large collection of jewelry are not limited to popular ideas from the Internet and produce mega-creative coasters of their old kitchen graters, gypsum figurines and wire.

Box made of plastic canvas for storing little things

Plastic canvas is a novelty among goods for needlework, which is designed to give rigidity to handmade crafts, but hand-made craftsmen found another application for the material - the manufacture of boxes and caskets.

White plastic canvas on gray background

Plastic canvas sold with holes of various sizes

To design an original container for folding trinkets, you will need:

  • 6 pieces of plastic canvas: 4 in the form of rectangles and 2 squares (for sidewalls);
  • acrylic threads for knitting or thin polyester cord;
  • hard felt in the color of threads;
  • satin or velor ribbon (4-5 mm);
  • double sided tape;
  • large bead (will serve as a fastener);
  • spiral for notepad.

You will also need a needle and scissors. First you need to embroider the blanks - with plain threads or come up with a pattern, then fasten the parts (everything except the cover of the future box).

Pattern for embroidering an ornament on a plastic canvas

Embroidery is done with simple stitches according to a pre-designed pattern

Sewing with thick threads on a plastic canvas

In the process, it is advisable not to make knots on top, it is better to tighten the tail under the embroidery

Details of a box for trifles from a plastic canvas

The bottom and sides of the casket may look something like this

Next, you need to carefully disconnect the spring from the notebook and fasten the back wall and the cover with it. Then you need to move on to the interior design of the handmade box: cut a piece of felt, 2 mm less in length and width than the bottom, and attach it to the canvas using double-sided tape. The bottom is identical to decorate the walls and the lid of the casket, and then wrap with satin ribbon the three free edges of the lid and the base of the craft. The final stage of work is to make a loop in the center of the lid (you can use a tape or several threads folded together) and attach a bead to the base. That's all, the little box is ready to use!

Homemade box made of plastic canvas and thread

For a box, you can come up with any drawing

Tapestry Woven Rugs

A tapestry is a type of decorative and applied art, which involves the manufacture of wall lint-free carpets with a specific composition by weaving threads. Tapestries have found their application in the home environment: today, in addition to the decorative function, they bring practical benefits when it comes to handmade rugs, woven from thick yarn or thin pieces of knitwear.

DIY tapestry rug

A beautiful rug will find its place in the children's room, bedroom or hallway

For the production of original creations (it can be not only carpets, but also bedspreads, chair covers), the following techniques are used:

  • Crochet;
  • braiding with subsequent stitching;
  • bonding a thick cord in a circle.
Beautiful knitted rug on the floor of the hallway

Bright rug with tassels around the edges

Making tapestry rugs with your own hands is one of the most low-budget types of creativity, as the basis can be used rags, yarn obtained by dissolving old knitwear.

Ribbon Curtain

“The more original the better”, - this is the motto of many modern women, so instead of the usual tulle or curtains they choose curtains from ribbons, which are often made in a single copy.

DIY colorful ribbon curtain

The easiest option is to simply tie colorful ribbons on a rope

To create such a creative thing for your home, you will need satin, organza or lace ribbons of different widths (depending on the idea), objects for attaching them to the ledge (buttons, clothespins, eyelets) and decorative little things for decoration. To make the crafts quality, stylish and durable, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. To process places of cuts - it is best to use fire for this.
  2. Accurately measure the length of the cornice.
  3. Decorate ribbons with beads, bows or other miniature details.
Window curtain made of satin ribbons and buttons

You can fasten the tape on the ledge with the help of buttons

According to the designers, the curtain made of ribbons fits perfectly into the interior of the kitchen or the nursery, but it is quite possible to decorate such a window blind in the living room or bedroom. To make the product look more “solid”, it is worth using not ordinary satin ribbons of bright acid colors, but using classic shades.

What to use for creativity

The table shows all kinds of materials that are useful in the construction of accessories for the house with your own hands and objects that can be made from them:

Material Name Products that can be made from it
the cloth Dolls, decorative pillows, paintings, rugs, stands for various containers
Thread Knitted dolls, pillows, coasters, flowerpots for flower pots, decorative balls, embroidered paintings
Tree Pictures created by burning or carving, coasters, small pieces of furniture (coffee tables, wall shelves)
Dry parts of plants Ikebans, mistaken, souvenirs of their stalks of cereal crops
Gypsum Carved paintings, figurines, decorative details for decorating walls, dishes, furniture
Glass Stained glass
Wax and paraffin wax Candles
Polymer clay, cold porcelain Figurines, small decorative elements, photo frames
Paper Pictures, photo frames, decorative baskets and caskets (from paper tubes), calendars

How to make a floor mat crocheted: a master class for lovers of knitting

Pleasant little things for the home with their own hands are not always created for the purpose of decoration, many of them, for example - floor mats - become a useful addition to the interior. Even inexperienced needlewomen can crochet a small oval or round rug of textured thick yarn with the help of hook No. 10.

Beautiful round rug made of yarn

The edges of the rug can be decorated with flowers made of yarn.

Work sequence (knitting starts from the center of the fabric):

  1. Run a chain of 3 loops, connect them into a ring.
  2. Knit the next row of 5 loops.
  3. Add 1 loop in each row.

In conclusion, you need to fix the free edge, it is best to sew it to the base. Using the same pattern, you can create a fluffy grass mat with your own hands using special yarn imitated for fur. Upon completion of knitting, the product must be combed with a comb.

Do-it-yourself beautiful bright rug from pieces of fabric

The weed mat can be made from fabric flaps

Patchwork and felting from wool. Fabric picture in the nursery

Among dozens of modern techniques with which you can create unusual home accessories with your own hands, patchwork and felting from wool can be called the most “cozy” and “sincere”. A unique fabric mosaic (patchwork) can decorate bedding, bedspreads, chair covers, but the most atmospheric look will be a picture of cotton or knitwear in a children's room.So that the product does not scare the child, but, on the contrary, develops his imagination and thinking, to work on the panel you need to use panels of bright colors.

A house for tits in a picture of fabric for a children's room

Absolutely any pieces and remnants of fabrics are suitable for work.

Using the technique of felting from wool, you can make toys, wall panels, rugs and bedspreads with your own hands. Some masters of this type of creativity can easily create a house for a cat, covers for cups.

DIY owl figurine made of wool

In the technique of felting from wool, you can make a variety of crafts

The main feature of felting is that even children can master it, which means that unusual things for the house can be created by the whole family.

Homemade toys: felt owls

Soft, bright and unique felt owls sewn by your own hands will decorate your living room, bedroom or nursery. For their work you will need felt of different stiffness, durable threads, decorative elements (buttons, beads, beads), a needle and scissors. To make the figures perfectly smooth and realistic, it is better to use ready-made templates for the pattern (can be found on the Internet). Owls can be sewn from felt: toys, foot warmers, hanging covers for storing little things.

Manufacturing process:

Making felt owls with your own hands

The owl consists of two parts. On the upper front part, sew on an apron, eyes and nose

Fastening a loop on a felt blank

Attach a loop to the bottom

Fastening paws on felt felt

Next, we sew the parts together, laying cotton or foam rubber inside

Beautiful owls do it yourself from pieces of felt

From the bottom we sew the legs and that's it - the original decor is ready!

Beadwork: Flowers and Bead Trees

Bright, unusual flowers and trees made of beads with your own hands are a good option for home decor, which does not require large financial investments and special skills. As a basis, you need glue and alabaster, but you can use a real wooden branch, pre-wrapped with jute thread. The easiest way to create an interior decoration is from finished blanks - flowers, leaves and stems from wire with stringed beads.

DIY bead flowers

Bouquet of beads strung on a copper wire

Bead tree on the windowsill of a city apartment

Bonsai tree made of beads and a real branch

A beautiful bottle of wine. Bottle table

“What they wanted to throw away yesterday, today can be used to good use,” is about empty wine bottles. From them you can make stylish decorative items for your home with your own hands, for example - vases. There are many options for decorating empty glass containers:

  1. Acrylic or stained glass staining.
  2. Pasting with beads, beads or home-made parts made of polymer clay.
  3. Wrap with yarn, soutache cord or jute thread.

When there is not enough imagination or the ability to create an original addition to the interior from the bottle, you can apply decoupage cards or stencils. A bottle decorated with monograms “under the metal”, which are easily drawn with stained-glass contour paints, will look attractive and luxurious.

DIY threading empty bottles decor

Decorating wine bottles with threads

If you take 3 or more bottles, you can create an interesting coffee table. To do this, you will need bottles of the same size and a wooden cloth (MDF is also suitable), drill holes in it 1 mm larger than the neck of the bottles and “put” the table cover on the bottles.

Coffee table made of MDF and wine bottles

Empty bottles and a piece of sheet material - all you need to create an original piece of furniture

Be sure to make sure that the stylish table made by your own hands is safe, therefore, before use, the product must be well sanded or varnished (painted).

Typographic Symbols - Stands

Special coasters for cups, plates not only complement the interior, but also protect the furniture from dirt and deformation. In the living room, bedroom or kitchen, remade in the Art Nouveau styles, minimalism, pop art or a loft, stands made in the form of typographic symbols made by yourself from plywood or wood will look harmoniously and relevant.

Typographic character hot plate coasters

You need to print a stencil, transfer it to plywood and cut out the figures with a jigsaw

Decoupage and other furniture repair ideas at a low cost

To “breathe new life” into old furniture, you can use several techniques: decoupage, standard painting, and self-adhesive wallpaper. If the converted product looks very simple, you should decorate it with moldings painted in the color of the new coating. But this is only the case with wooden cabinets, cabinets and chairs, upholstered furniture can be converted by replacing the upholstery.

The process of decorating a coffee table using decoupage technique

Restoration of an old table using decoupage technique

Unusual "marble" decor items (photo)

Since 2016, the marble effect on various glass furnishings has been very fashionable. To transform an ordinary thing, for example, a vase or a candlestick with your own hands, you need several nail polishes or acrylic paint. Work with nail polish consists of several stages:

  1. Filling a disposable container with clean water.
  2. Adding nail polish to the water - 1-2 drops of each color.
  3. The formation of marble stains with a toothpick.
  4. Immersion of the bottom of the decorated product in a container with a water-varnish mixture.
  5. Drying the subject.
The procedure for decorating glass under the effect of marble using nail polish

The process of creating a “marble” effect on a glass subject

To fix the marble effect, you can make a protective layer of transparent varnish - just paint the picture. Bright original stains on a vase or other product also result from the use of liquid acrylic paints. In this case, paints are gradually poured into the product, and with the help of neat, slow rotations, a fantasy image is created.

Woven crafts for the interior: homemade pillows

Textiles, in particular decorative pillows for a home with their own hands - it is always beautiful, fashionable and useful. Before you start sewing them, it is worth choosing the right materials - matter, filler and decorative elements. They must be durable, easy to clean and not lose shape over time. The base - cotton, holofiber fillers and syntepuh - fully comply with such requirements. Pillows can be decorated in the following techniques: patchwork, knitting, embroidery, silk painting.

Two decorative pillows for the interior in the Scandinavian style

Scandinavian-style ornament - a great idea for decorating pillows

Headboard: what you can do yourself

The bedroom is the main resting place in the house where the main attribute is the bed. To make the atmosphere comfortable and at the same time stylish, you can do it yourself to transform its headboard. At the same time, it is worthwhile to understand that the headboard is not just a part of the bed, but also the entire wall in contact with it.

Headboard decor in a young girl's room

Soft pillow headboard

The following details will be helpful in the process:

  1. Wall panels made of wood, plastic or textile. The color scheme needs to be selected for the coloring of furniture, walls and the colors prevailing in the interior. So you can make a contrast transition.
  2. Mirror panel or a collage of photos.
  3. Decorative painting, photo wallpaper, textured stickers.
  4. Shelves with useful little things on which you can put cosmetics, books, candles and more.
Wall decor over the head of the bed

Unusual panel made of slats and drawings on album sheets

Unusually at the head of the bed will look textile elements that can be created with your own hands using fabric, ribbons and decorative details. It can be a canopy (not above the whole bed, but only on the wall at the head of the bed), a curtain on a mini-cornice.

Video: creative decor ideas

Photo ideas of beautiful scenery

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