DIY wood cuts for the interior

To the true designer only give free rein - he will decorate this! Here someone is wooden logs for firewood, and the interior artist will bring them home, gently cut them into thin plates and make a wall of them either the floor.

Unusually and stylishly saw cut wood in the interior of the house. Environmental friendliness, naturalness, unusual appearance - this is what attracts fans of eco-style.

beautiful apartment decor with wood cuts

The use of wood cuts in the interior

original style living room with wood cuts

Wood cut design

DIY room decor with wood saws

Tree saw cuts in house wall decoration

No lining can be compared in design with such wall decoration in a country house. The forest-smelling wall will make you feel like a hermit, surrounded by centuries-old trees. It is quite simple to make an unusual wall design, you only need to cut thin plates from a tree trunk, then carefully each “tile” is attached with glue to the wall.

Thus, it is possible to lay out circle by circle the entire surface or only part of the wall - in both cases the effect will be amazing. Designers called this decor “the wall overturned” - it remains a feeling that in the room they stacked a log of wood from not yet split log blocks.

Of course, before decorating the wall with a tree, it needs to be leveled, saw cuts can be laid in any order - each tile will have a unique pattern, due to which unusual, unique design is achieved.

light bedroom design with wood cuts

Wood cuts in the interior

beautiful apartment interior with wood saw cuts

The interior of the apartment with a saw cut tree

After attaching the saw cuts to the wall surface, it must be processed so as not to accidentally get hurt about the roughness of the tree, to avoid splintering. You can grind the surface, then cover with stain, varnish. In addition, wooden saw cuts need to be treated with antifungal, insecticidal compositions.

Such a design is possible in a room decorated in an appropriate style, and wooden saw cuts in the interior should be supported by at least a few decorative elements, otherwise they will look alien. Properly selected materials for finishing the remaining walls, colors and furniture will create a harmony of space, emphasizing the unity of man with nature.

The use of wood cuts in the interior

original room decor with wood cuts

Wood cut design

light living room design with wood cuts

DIY room decor with wood saws

Floor carpet made of wood cuts

If wooden plates can be placed on the wall, why not make a floor out of them? It will take more time than decorating the wall, and the forest material will take more.

To finish the floor, only tree trunks are taken, and saw cuts should not be thin - the floor is larger than the wall, subjected to stresses, thin tiles can not stand it. Instead of glue, a special solution is needed. The base needs to be leveled, tiles from saw cuts should be laid so that the surface is smooth.

The next step is to carefully grind the entire floor surface to perfect smoothness. Check the level during the laying of saw cuts and when grinding, so that there are no unevenness and differences.

Just like the walls made of saw cuts, the floor is treated with compounds that protect it from fungi and insects, then varnished over several layers - you need to choose compositions for wood with a protective effect. The varnish will not only add shine and improve the appearance of the floor, but also facilitate its cleaning.

original style of a bedroom with a saw cut of a tree

Wood cuts in the interior

light room decor with wood cuts

The interior of the apartment with cuts of wood in the form of a tray

Furniture made of wooden saw cuts

In the master’s skillful hands, a piece of wood turns into ... Yes, anything:

  • to the countertop;
  • in a chair;
  • to the hanger;
  • to the shelf.

All these pieces of furniture for the home can be made of wood cuts, you just need to choose a different diameter, the thickness of the trunk, from which the blanks will be cut.

For a small decorative table you need a wider block, the saw cut is not too thin. The original table will turn out if you leave the bark at the tree. The effect of naturalness and naturalness will be complete. Choose the legs to your taste, they can be metal or wooden, the table can be made completely low, put on it a wooden tub with a flower, or higher - for magazines and newspapers. To protect against harmful bugs, treat the countertop with varnish with protective additives.

beautiful living room interior with wood cuts

The use of wood cuts in the interior

bright apartment design with wood saw cuts

Wood cut design

original design of the living room with wood cuts

The decor of the room with a saw cut do it yourself in the form of a clock

It is easy to make a decorative shelf from a saw cut tree, sawing it off from the trunk on your own or by purchasing a finished one. From one kruglyash you get two semicircular hinged shelves:

  • saw a circle with a diameter of about 30 cm in half;
  • take 2 corner fasteners for wall shelves, fasten them with screws first to the shelf, and then to the wall.

Everything! Resin-smelling home decoration is ready.

Decorative elements from cuts in the interior

For those who create with their own hands, wooden saw cuts are an inexhaustible source of inspiration, rich material for creativity. What small and big wooden circles sawn from a trunk or a tree branch cannot turn into!

light bedroom decor with wood cuts

Wood cuts in the interior

beautiful apartment style with wood saw cuts

The interior of the apartment with a saw cut tree

Panel of cuts

There are many options for the execution of such decorative panels.

  • You can arrange in a baguette on the basis of burlap, canvas thin cut, complementing it with decorative elements.
  • A panel of any shape is optionally laid out with thin plates cut from branches (as described above, creating a wall). Such a panel can be placed in the opening on the wall or framed in a baguette.
  • The cut can be supplemented with a knot, a scab of an unusual shape - in this case, a volumetric composition of a unique design will be obtained - it is impossible to find two identical stalks or two saws with the same pattern in nature.
  • Small diameter saw cuts from branches themselves can become the design of a baguette, photo frame, composition of natural materials. They are carefully laid out on the base, glued and varnished.

An interesting combination of two natural materials was invented by the Ural craftsmen - a decorative pattern is applied on a wooden saw cut with finely worn stone chips. The Ural land is rich in gems, and the most interesting compositions are created without the addition of colors - the colored eyes of the earth, as gems are called, are so bright and varied that no paints are needed.

light style apartment with wood saw cuts

The use of wood cuts in the interior

bright bedroom design with wood cuts

Wood cut design

original interior of a room with wood saw cuts

DIY room decor with wood saws

Decorate the house

With wood cuts, you can unusually decorate ordinary objects by laying out, like a mosaic, for example, the frame of a mirror, hangers, flower pots. For this, thin branches are taken, from which it is necessary to saw the same thickness, but of different diameter circles. Glue, varnish - and a stylish piece of furniture will decorate your home.

Eco style kitchen

For the kitchen, you can make hot coasters.

  • A central round element is taken out of the large round wheel, it is filled with small diameter saw cuts, all this is attached to each other and to the base, varnished from above.
  • You can make a simpler design, but two-layer - on a saw cut of a larger diameter, several small ones are attached in a chaotic or specific order.

In the rustic kitchen, shelves decorated with twigs and small diameter cuts will be appropriate. You can make them a kitchen apron, only pre-treat the tree with fire-retardant fire protection. Coat the surface with varnish.

beautiful living room decor with wood cuts

Wood cuts in the interior

light style bedroom with wood cuts

The interior of the apartment with a saw cut tree

Fancy watch

For a house in a rustic style or eco, you can make a watch. The mechanism and arrows are sold in shops of goods for creativity, a finished saw can be purchased there or sawed up a trunk that is suitable in shape and pattern. If you leave a bark on it, an unusual piece of decor will look even more original.

Drill a hole in the center and fix the arrows on the front side, and the clock mechanism on the back side. The dial can be drawn, or you can not do it - so the watch will look more stylish, just cover it with varnish for safety.

If, in addition to woodwork, you own the decoupage technique, you can combine these activities and decorate the surface using decoupage napkins or special decoupage cards:

  • several elements suitable in style to the interior are cut out of the napkin;
  • the elements are superimposed on the surface of the cleaned, polished saw cut (for the brightness of the decor, you can cover it with acrylic primer);
  • with the help of decoupage glue, the plot is glued to a wooden surface, smoothed so that there are no air bubbles inside;
  • the entire surface is varnished - the more layers there are, the more effective the subject will be.

In the same way, you can make kitchen stands, cutting boards, decorative countertops from wood cuts.

beautiful design living room with wood cuts

The use of wood cuts in the interior

original style of the apartment with wood saw cuts

Wood cut design

beautiful bedroom decor with wood cuts

DIY room decor with wood saws

Baubles for home

It seems that they have no functional purpose, but they please everyone’s eyes when entering the house, and if they are made with your own hands, then take compliments:

  • Fridge magnets are a fashionable “trick”: a small diameter saw is taken as a base, on one side a magnetic tape is attached to it, and on the other the surface is decorated using decoupage technique, leather applique, wood carving.
  • With the help of embroidery hoops, small circles with a saw cut and twine, you can create an unusual panel. The basis can be linen, burlap, harsh fabric or vintage canvas.
  • Decorative wreaths are another fashionable piece of furniture. Slices are used as an element of decor, along with other natural materials - twigs, dried berries, flowers.
bright apartment interior with wood saw cuts

Wood cuts in the interior

bright style room with wood cuts

Interior of the apartment with a saw cut tree in the form of a clock

Stylish, fashionable, unusual

Using wood cuts, you can lay out the composition on the wall, arrange a vase for flowers or fruits, make an unusual frame for an embroidered picture or photograph. And how spectacularly the cover of a notebook or photo album will look like, laid out in small rounds made of wood. There are many options for using saw cuts, a person’s imagination is limitless, and it does not need to be stopped. Compose, create, admire the fruits of your labor!

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