We decorate the bottle by February 23 with our own hands

Men are known to have a strong sex, not without their little weaknesses. And they love to receive gifts no less than we girls. Therefore, on the eve of the main male holiday on February 23, each of us ponders the question of choosing the right gift. After all, I want to give not just a present, but something original, exclusive and useful. No man will refuse to receive a bottle of elite alcohol (for example, whiskey or cognac) as a gift. But he will be doubly pleasant if you decorate this gift with your own hands, because a piece of your soul will be invested in a handmade product! How to complete the design of the bottle will be discussed in this article.

Sailboat on a beautifully designed gift bottle

A beautifully designed bottle will be a great gift for your beloved man or work colleague

Decoration options can be many. We will consider the following:

  1. Bottle decor on February 23 skin.
  2. Making a gift bottle for February 23 with ribbons.
  3. Decoupage bottles for men.
  4. As a bonus: a lock with a “window” using decoupage technique.

Bottle decor for february 23 skin

The bottle, decorated with leather, looks very original and elegant. The design process is not difficult, but it is better to prepare a gift in advance, as it will take time to dry the product.

Beautiful bottle as a gift to a man on February 23

It’s not necessary to use genuine leather for decor, the artificial substitute also looks good

After removing all labels from the bottle, degrease it with alcohol. Then we apply glue to the bottle and skin, glue the skin so that a beautiful relief and folds form on it. It is better to choose genuine leather, thin enough. As an adhesive, “Moment” is suitable.

Pasting a bottle with pieces of leather

The skin quickly absorbs glue, so we quickly apply pieces to the glass, while pulling and bonding the ends

At the same time, you can attach thematic decor elements to the skin: stars, laces, at your discretion. Decorate the cork by the same principle, adding asterisks or decorative lace.

Decor bottle leather and brooch

Fixes a decorative element to the center of the composition

On the front side of the bottle, you can leave a free place, put a putty on it and leave it to dry for several hours, and preferably all night. When the putty dries, we make an inscription on it with the words of congratulation, scratching the text with some sharp object.

Bottle cork decoration

For cork decor we also use leather

Then the whole bottle is painted with dark green or brown paint. Once the painting is finished, wipe the bottle with a cotton swab moistened with solvent so that the paint remains only in the folds of the skin. You can also add a little shine to our bottle using gold paint, applying it with a light layer to the folds of the skin. It remains to wait until the entire composition has dried and you can present it to the addressee!

Leather brandy bottle decoration

Even without coloring, such a bottle looks very beautiful and stylish.

Making a gift bottle for February 23 with ribbons

Decorating a bottle with ribbons is very popular today. If you approach the matter creatively and with imagination, it may turn out not just a beautiful little thing, but a real author's present for your man. So let's get started!

Cognac bottles in satin ribbons

Flattened bottles are better for this decor option.

To decorate the bottle, use ribbons 2.5 cm wide in white, black, green.Attach double-sided tape to the sides of the bottle. Start decorating the bottle with white ribbon to simulate a collar. We move from the neck to the bottom. We glue small pieces of tape in the form of a triangle, pressing the ends to the tape so that they do not intersect. Glue each new piece of tape a little lower, parallel to the previous one.

The procedure for decorating bottles with satin ribbons

The process of decorating a bottle with ribbons does not require special abilities

Having reached the "shoulders", we begin to wrap the bottle horizontally with a khaki ribbon - this will be our tunic. When half the bottle is pasted over, you need to change the color of the oblique bejik to black to simulate trousers (you can use ribbons 3 cm wide).

We complement our souvenir with decoration details of a “military uniform”: asterisks, shoulder straps, belt, at your discretion. On the neck of the bottle, place a “tie” of tape 0.5 cm wide in black. The cork can be decorated with a “cap” cut out of cardboard and covered with fabric or ribbons of the desired color.

The procedure for manufacturing shoulder straps for bottle design

Epaulettes are easy to make from cardboard, covering the blanks with a suitable fabric

Decorative cap for bottle decoration

For the cap, you can use shreds of thick fabric

Decoupage bottles for men

For the decoupage of the “male” bottle, you should use images of the corresponding subject and color scheme: cars, hunting, sailboats, travels, weapons ... Choose a design theme based on the interests and hobbies of your man. Materials are also diverse: napkins, rice paper, fabric, clay. As additional accessories use shells, laces, stars and much more.

Paints and rice paper for decorating bottles for February 23

Bottle Decoupage Materials

Before starting work, remove all stickers and labels from the bottle, and also degrease the surface of the vessel with a glass cleaner.

Preparing a glass bottle for decoupage

Degrease the glass surface thoroughly.

Then tightly paint the bottle with acrylic primer. You can do this in several layers.

Primer bottle acrylic

It is more convenient to prime with a piece of sponge clamped in a clothespin

Decoupage bottles of rice paper

When the soil dries, try on the image on the bottle

Preparing a pattern for decoupage a glass bottle

Pencil contours on the back of the paper.

We lower the paper, napkin or fabric with the image we need into the water for one to two minutes.

Soaking Rice Paper for Bottle Decor

Soak the paper in water

In the meantime, we process the bottle with glue-varnish.

Coating the bottle with special varnish

With a brush, we apply decoupage varnish to the bottle section under the image

We take out the image from the water, wait until the excess liquid drains. After that, apply it to the surface of the bottle. We do this carefully so that wrinkles do not form.

DIY pasting cognac bottles

Carefully smooth the creases

Again we process the surface of the bottle with varnish. If there are separate torn pieces of the image, carefully dock them with the main fragment and also process with varnish.

DIY glass decoupage

Gently glue the missing fragments of the picture

You can complement the decor with bronze or golden pigment, as well as tags suitable to the theme.

DIY bottle painting

The part of the bottle where there is no picture is covered with beautiful paint

Application of bitumen varnish to a decorated bottle

After the paint dries, cover the entire bottle with a thin layer of bitumen varnish

Carving Glass Bottle Ornaments

We prepare suitable tags

Glass bottle decor with paper tags

We fix the tags on the neck with shoelaces

Bottle decoration as a gift for February 23

As a result, we get a beautiful and stylish gift

Decoupage lock with a window

Another option for a handmade gift is a bottle-lock. This gift looks very original, and the process of its manufacture does not take much time.

The design of the bottle should begin by removing all stickers and labels. Degrease the glass surface with alcohol or detergent.

First, prepare a window for our castle: cut out the frame from cardboard and glue it to the bottle. On the wall opposite the window, you need to perform "reverse decoupage": stick a suitable picture with the image inside the bottle.

Dressing an unnecessary bottle as a gift to a man

Bottle with a cardboard frame and a picture glued on the back

Next, you need to paint the surface of the vessel with acrylic paint, avoiding the area inside the "window frame".After that, we make the masonry of the castle walls: we glue the "bricks" of cardboard to the walls of the bottle.

DIY glass bottle decor workshop

Cut out bricks from cardboard and glue on a bottle

To create a texture, we process the castle walls with glue and sprinkle with semolina, fix everything with hairspray. After drying, we treat the walls with a mixture of a suitable color paint and PVA glue.

Glass Bottle Neck Decor

To decorate the neck, you can take stockings, stick them on PVA glue and cover with paints

For the decor of the roof, any options are suitable: gluing with a cloth, leather or salt dough. Polymer clay is also suitable. Do not forget to color the roof to match the walls of the castle or a little darker.

Gift Bottle Decor for February 23

You can color such a bottle to your taste

As you can see, there are many options for making a bottle as a gift for February 23 with your own hands. Show your imagination and you will succeed!

Video: mixed-bottle decor

Photo ideas for decorating bottles for February 23

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