Do-it-yourself freon filling the refrigerator: step-by-step instructions, tips and tricks

The most common refrigerator breakdown is refrigerant leakage. The device stops working until the problem is resolved. The correct solution in this case is to call a wizard who will fix the problem with a professional approach. If there is a desire and opportunity, then you can fill in freon yourself. The main thing is to observe safety measures and follow the instructions.

Filling the refrigerator with freon.

When self-filling the refrigerator with freon, safety measures must be observed.

What do refrigerators charge

The operation of the refrigeration unit is based on the conversion of heat to low temperatures. Freon is a gas that can absorb heat from the environment. There are many varieties that differ in the chemical composition of the substance. To find out what refrigerators of a certain brand are charged with, you will need to carefully study the technical documentation of a particular model.

A common feature of all types of refrigerants is the lack of smell and color. Gas is not dangerous for human life and health, therefore it is excellent for use in domestic refrigeration equipment.

Refueling the refrigerator.

Do-it-yourself freon filling the refrigerator.

Important! Replace with special care. Improper composition can cause serious damage to the system.

The role of freon in the operation of the refrigerator

The refrigerant is used to lower the temperature. This is achieved by circulation in a closed system of the compressor and condenser. It, in turn, consists of two circuits - external and internal. On a small circle, freon is in a liquefied state, absorbing thermal energy. During the chemical reaction, the refrigerant becomes gaseous and is sent to the external circuit. It passes through a compressor and evaporator, generating heat and returning to liquid form.

Filling the refrigerator with freon.

not all refrigerators can be filled with freon, in order to understand how to fill the refrigerator you need to carefully study the recommendations.

The endless repetition of cycles reduces the temperature in the inner chambers of the refrigerator. With proper operation, the circuit constantly directs heat to the external environment. A leak in the system leads to leakage and an increase in internal temperature. This is the only symptom of malfunction, since freon has no color and odor.

When you need to fill the refrigerator with freon

The refrigerant does not have an expiration date, that is, it does not lose its properties over time. The reason for refueling is only a reagent leak due to a violation of the integrity of the circuit. The easiest way to check the need for refueling is to compare the current temperature with the one stated in the technical documentation. The magnitude of the difference can be judged on the amount of lack of reagent.

leak in the refrigerators.

A leak in the refrigerator may occur due to improper installation and mechanical damage.

Causes of Refrigerant Leakage

Among the most common causes of the problem, the following are noted:

  • Incorrect compressor operation.
  • Violation of the tightness of the elements of the system - capillaries, joints, tubes.
  • Mechanical damage. The consequences of shock, falling during transportation.
  • Microcracks in the capillaries. They arise due to poor quality of raw materials or irregularities in the production process.
  • Incorrect installation of system connections.

If a leak is suspected, it is recommended to visually inspect the back wall. Before filling freon, it will be necessary to eliminate damage to the circuit in order to avoid new breakdowns.

Damage to the refrigerator.

If a leak occurs due to damage, then before refueling, it is imperative to repair possible damage.

Important! If there are violations of the circuit and the evaporation of freon, you must disconnect the device from the network. In the absence of a cooling element, the compressor operates without interruption, which leads to failure within a couple of days.

How to carry out the correct filling of freon in the refrigerator at home

Before you begin work, you need to prepare everything you need:

  • Buy refrigerant spray bottle corresponding brand. It is indicated on the nameplate of the refrigerator, on the compressor or in the accompanying documentation.
  • Vacuum pumping station. It is necessary for crimping, evacuating and injecting freon. Refers to special equipment. You can rent or borrow from friends, as buying a specific tool for one replacement will be economically unprofitable.
  • Libra. It is better to use electronic with maximum accuracy. For each brand of refrigerator, a certain amount of freon circulating in the system is provided. Even a small error of a few grams will lead to the failure of the device. To prevent this, it is enough to put the cylinder on the scale and monitor the changes.
  • Welding machine, flux, solder. It is selected on the basis of the material from which the tubes are made. It is necessary to restore tightness after refueling and to eliminate mechanical damage.
  • Filter drier. Changes after each refrigerant change. Otherwise, moisture remains inside the system, which will lead to a new breakdown.
  • Schroeder valve. It is necessary to create a vacuum and high pressure in the system.
  • Nitrogen. A cylinder with a reducer is required to purge the system.
Freon refueling materials.

Before refueling the refrigerator, you need to prepare all the necessary materials.

After completing the preparatory work, you should carefully study the passport in order to know how to properly fill freon in the refrigerator of this particular brand. Each model has certain technical features, so you should not skip this step, even having rich experience working with other devices.

Important! Do not use a car nipple as a replacement for a Schröder valve. He is not able to create a sufficiently high pressure in the system and vacuum.

Refueling Walkthrough

Proper preparation is half the success of the entire operation. Strict adherence to detailed instructions gives a guarantee of troubleshooting the problem on your own. Therefore, it is worth familiarizing yourself with each step carefully, and if you have questions, seek the advice of a specialist.

Diagnose the problem

The very first step is finding a leak. Visual inspection will help to determine. We have already talked about the elements that are worth paying special attention to. Also suggest the presence of problems of corrosion that occurs on the tubes during the release of moisture.

If a routine inspection does not give results, then you can resort to the old method of treatment with soapy water and pressure. It is applied to tubes, joints, and then nitrogen is supplied to the system. In places of depressurization, bubbles will appear.

There is also a special tool - a leak detector. As a rule, it is designed for a specific refrigerant composition, therefore, it may not show the place of leakage if it does not comply.

Important! Weaknesses should be sought both before and after the download. This will prevent future problems from recurring.

Removing refrigerant residue

Before refueling, you will need to completely remove the remaining freon from the system. It is necessary to find a filter drier - usually located in the immediate vicinity of the compressor. Using a needle grip, a hole is made in the copper section of the element. After carrying out the work, it will be necessary to supply a new spare part instead of the damaged one.

The next step is the wiring of the circuit and preparing the place for installing the valve. To do this, it is removed from the fitting, the excess length is cut off, then soldered to the compressor. After removing the freon residues, it is necessary to purge the system using a nitrogen supply.

Note! Nitrogen supply pressure should not exceed 6 atmospheres. If a different value is indicated on the cylinder, a reducer is used to reduce this indicator.

Nitrogen supply pressure.

When refueling, special attention must be paid to the value of the nitrogen supply pressure.

Purge is carried out for 10-15 minutes to achieve the desired effect. After that, the valve on the needle grip closes and the filter is cut off. Then the purge procedure is repeated. Only after that a new element is installed.

Do not leave the system open for a long time. From a long stay without vacuum, the circuit may suffer internal damage, after which a complete replacement will be required.

We carry out the download of freon

At this stage, you need a vacuum pumping station. It consists of two gauges in red and blue, three hoses. The order of connection and download is as follows.

  1. Before connecting, the valves on the manometers tightly overlap.
  2. The yellow hose located in the center is connected to the freon cylinder;
  3. Blue is connected to the pipe through which the system is fed. A special fitting is used.
  4. Red connects to the other end of the system using a Schröder valve.
  5. Open the valves on the pressure gauges.
  6. The refrigerant supply opens. To make it easier to track the volume of the injected substance, it is recommended to install the cylinder on the scale.
  7. After reaching a pressure of 0.5 atmospheres, the valves are closed;
  8. The compressor turns on for 30 seconds.
  9. A vacuum pump is connected to the yellow hose and turned on for 10 minutes;
  10. The yellow hose reconnects to the freon cylinder.
  11. The valve opens on the blue pressure gauge and refueling continues.
  12. The compressor is turned on to ensure that the system is functioning properly and maintaining the recommended pressure.
  13. If no errors are made, the pipes are sealed after disconnecting the hoses.

Stages look quite simple, but require special knowledge and equipment. Do not get down to business if you do not have at least one of the two listed above.

Note! Before carrying out the work, it is worth checking the correct operation of the pressure gauges at the vacuum pump station. Incorrect instrument readings will lead to excessive or insufficient pressure in the system, which, in turn, leads to serious damage.

Freon for the refrigerator.

Freon helps keep the temperature inside the refrigerator low.

Work safety measures

Independent repair of refrigeration equipment at home is fraught with risk. Therefore, you should follow simple safety rules:

  • The refrigerator should be turned off when downloading.
  • The equipment must be earthed, an emergency shutdown system with voltage drops. Serviceability should be checked in advance.
  • It is necessary to ventilate the room after the release of refrigerant residues. Although gas is harmless to humans, it is explosive.
  • Soldering is carried out in accordance with all fire safety rules.

Compliance with simple rules will make it possible to protect yourself and others from dangerous consequences. Do not neglect the risk and underestimate the danger of working with gases under pressure.

Problems that may arise when refueling yourself

Studying the theoretical part of the process and accurately performing all the points does not guarantee that there are no problems in the fueling process. Therefore, it is worth knowing in advance about possible difficulties and common mistakes:

  • Moisture in the circuit after drying. It may stay if you save time or hurry too much. It leads to failure of the compressor, clogging of capillaries. Therefore, it is recommended to thoroughly dry the system, spending a little more time on it. You can correct the error only by refueling.
  • Excessive charge of refrigerant. How much freon is needed to refuel household refrigerators of a certain brand is indicated in the technical documentation. Excess gas overloads the compressor, creates excessive pressure in the system. This leads to breakage and the need to replace elements.
Difficulty refueling the refrigerator.

Before starting refueling, you need to familiarize yourself with the possible difficulties that may arise during the execution of work.

It is difficult to download freon yourself. It is required to take into account all the nuances and features of the procedure and device model. Otherwise, this can lead to more expensive repairs or equipment replacement.

Conclusions and Tips

If, after reading all of the above, refueling freon seems a difficult and impossible task, then it is strongly recommended to contact the master. This ensures a quality repair and no problems in the future.

If the decision is made on self-repair, then it is worth studying the theoretical part in detail and scrupulously. Putting this knowledge into practice is always slightly different from what is stated in the text. It is worth remembering that during the performance of any work unforeseen complications arise. Frequent problems are discussed above, but it is impossible to foresee everything. Therefore, you should be ready to show technical ingenuity. In the absence of experience, it is recommended to observe the work of the masters using video services on the Internet.


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